Insder Tour2

5.0 还行

分类:日韩综艺 韩国 2021

主演:李镇赫 金旻奎 李洗赈 



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《Insder Tour2》 - 璧山卉森集团实力三个好朋友的美国旅游综艺。治愈温馨搞笑,是承载着绝美的风景和浪漫的美食的幸福旅行。 详情


Google上也没有太多信息,貌似FemmeFatale是要开世界巡回演唱会,但是只看到了英国的信息。这还是2月的一篇文章。Many people speculated that Circus would be Britney Spears last tour. Lots of people went because they feared they’d never see her again and wanted to be sure to see her live at least once.Gossip sites today, especially those across the pond are reporting that Britney Spears will offer a massive world tour this year for her 7th album, Femme Fatale.Sources have rumored previously that they’d bet on just a U.S. tour with some local events, but according to an alleged insider, Britney plans on taking our breath away this tour and she will start out in Europe.They say she is back & ready to roll!While Circus was a huge success because people just love to see Britney, some said it was a flop and certain fans in some countries demanded a refund because they claimed she lip synched and walked around. No one I talked to felt that way, but I guess a small majority felt ripped off by Circus. Britney does not want that. She’s back and ready to prove it to her fans, says the insider.

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